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Eyewear Services

We know that state-of-the-art eye care should be accompanied by extraordinary eyewear.

Whether styling eyewear for a Red Head or a Dead-Head, A bald head or an egg head, we establish an attitude or create a look.

We cater to your vision, from vintage to contemporary to hi-tech, prescription eyewear or sunglasses, standard stock, one of the kind or custom-made. Optometrix brings to you the art and science of vision.

With laboratories on our premises, eyewear fabrication is done to precise specifications with same day service often available.

Examination and eyewear services are performed  in our offices, at the studio, OR... wherever YOUR HEAD is at!

Contact Lenses

For those contemplating contact lenses, understand that this is a process specifically designed for each patient and with time and care will assure your satisfaction.

Dr. Zakheim has had 30 years experience designing custom contact lens systems  He has successfully addressed our patient's visual needs for: 

  • Dry Eye
  • Allergies
  • Bifocal
  • Astigmatism
  • Keratoconus
  • Post-lasik
  • Monovision
  • Prosthetics

Dr. Zakheim takes great pride in satisfying the needs of difficult to fit patients.

Contact lenses are considered a drug by the Food and Drug Administration and must be monitored by a qualified professional to ensure proper eye health.

Special Effect Contact Lenses

From the simple, subtle enhancement of eye color, to the creation of a unique new character, to the development of a totally alien being…
OPTOMETRIX has been providing the television, video and motion picture community with a full complement of customized contact lens services since 1987.

Examination of the eye, lens design and fabrication, and on-set coordination are offered through one convenient source.

Following our examination of the actor, we design and create lenses for your specific character, or can supply the technical data to your special effects group for in-house fabrication. We are also available to provide on-site services, i.e. lens disinfection, insertion and maintenance.

Contact lenses are considered a drug by the Food and Drug Administration and must be handled by a qualified professional to ensure the health of the eye.

Whether your character, "Goes Where No One Has Gone Before", spends his days “From Dusk Till Dawn” or plays a “Vampire in Brooklyn,” our strategy is designed to meet your specific project needs, whether in our offices, at the studio or…In a Galaxy Far, Far Away.

Corrective Eye Surgery

Refractive surgery encompasses many vision correcting procedures including cataract extraction, All-Laser-Lasik, PRK, Epi-Lasik, RLE, ICL and Verisyse.

Dr. Zakheim performs an extensive evaluation to determine if an individual is a candidate for an appropriate refractive procedure. It is important to note that not everyone is a candidate. He has participated in the evolution of refractive surgery techniques since 1988.

Dr. Zakheim will explain your options and assist with the decisions you will have to make including which procedure and surgeon are best. He has a long history of surgical co-management and works with most talented, nationally recognized surgeons specializing in the latest technologies.

Co-management provides a transition between the patient and surgeon, with Dr. Zakheim addressing the patient’s questions and concerns as well as providing preoperative and post operative evaluation and follow up care. He is constantly expanding his expertise with continuing education in the field.